Protection & Good luck


Removes Negative Energies.

Emotional healing


The Good Luck Stone

Grounding. Stability. Strength.

Pink Jasper

Courage & Wisdom

Every piece is Hand made by


Hand Made by Laudia

Every stone is Different and unique. The stone you pick is the only one like it in the world.

Hand picked semi precious stones from all over the world

Our Collections

About the designer

Laudia Yambala

Laudia Yambala is the founder and designer of Yambala Designs, providing elegant hand crafted jewelry made of semi precious stones.

Laudia hand makes every piece and takes pride in providing Vegan Jewelry, ensuring that her designs are completely free of animal products.

She also purifies & cleanses every stone with Sage.

Laudia first began making jewelry in 2010, in the hopes of making authentic gifts for friends and family.

Yambala Designs effortlessly combines beautiful stones with the art of spiritual healing. Laudia ensures that her customers will not only look fly, but also experience the tranquility and guidance that each stone provides.

Natural Stones

Rose Quartz Natural Stone

by Yambala Designs

Rose Quartz Natural Stone.

1000% Genuine Semi Precious Stones

Our stones are all Grade A Certified.

They come from all over the world.

We purify every stone with Sage.

Enjoy the benefits of spiritual, emotional and physical alignement with Yambala Designs.